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Education and Social Sciences

Ethics for School and Job

Universität Wien

Master programme » Wien


Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Universität Salzburg

Bachelor programme » Salzburg


Political Science - Integration and Governance (PoSIG), Joint Masters Programme (E)

Universität Salzburg

Master programme » Salzburg

The Joint Master's Programme in Political Science – Integration and Governance (PoSIG) is based on international standards and benchmarks of teaching political science in accordance with level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework. The EUPs contribute by joining their specific... More

Global Studies – Specialisation in Law and Politics

Universität Graz

Master programme » Graz


Visual Culture

Universität Klagenfurt

Master programme » Klagenfurt

The focus of the degree programme is on the interdisciplinary linking of approaches in art history, visual sciences, film and media studies as well as cultural studies. More