Master programme Interpretation DDP

Contents and focus of the degree programme:

The following combinations of languages are offered: Slovenian/German/English or Slovenian/German/French. A difference is made between A, B and C language. The A language is the mother tongue, the B language is the first foreign language (which students have to be fluent in and into which they will interpret), the C language is the second foreign language (which students have to have excellent passive command of and from which they will interpret).

Higher education institution:
Universität Graz (gemeinsam mit der Universität Ljubliana)
Group of fields of study:
Degree programme:
Interpretation DDP
Master programme
Academic degree:
Master of Arts, MA
4 Semester / 120 ECTS*

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Languages of instruction:
other language
Student Union fee: EUR 19,20
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published in the:
MBl. 2010/11, Stk. 39 o

Definition of the field of studies

This degree programme is to enable students to examine interpretation concepts and theories as well as their application with a view to their professional use in a critical way and to reflect developments on the European and international levels in order to enable effective interpreting.


The compulsory subjects and the elective subjects that have to be chosen from a list are offered in the form of subject-related modules. The interpretation internship that students have to do amounts to 6 ECTS credits. For the elective subjects that students can choose freely especially courses in women and gender research, courses for the acquisition of key qualifications as well as courses from philological fields of study, humanities and cultural sciences are suggested.

Entrance examinations

Supplementary examinations