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Master programme Biology

Contents and focus of the degree programme:

Global change induces alterations in essentially all of earth’s ecosystems, e.g. a decrease in biodiversity and an increasing scarcity of natural resources. The exploration of ecological and evolutionary processes is indispensable to counteract these processes. The master’s programme in biology, with a focus on ecology and evolution, provides a thorough, future-oriented and high quality education in these areas. Graduates will be familiar with the basic concepts and theories of ecology and evolutional biology. Their knowledge, expertise and competences are compatible with the state of the art in the field of organismic biology and will serve as a solid base for future innovative strategies to design and conduct research projects and solve relevant problems in basic and applied research. By means of specialisations in the 3 areas of 'ecology / biodiversity / evolution', 'physiology / cell biology' and 'molecular biology / genetics' relevant pre-professional education is guaranteed.

Higher education institution:
Universität Salzburg
Group of fields of study:
Natural Sciences
Degree programme:
Master programme
Academic degree:
Master of Science, MSc
4 Semester / 120 ECTS

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Student Union fee: EUR 19,70
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published in the:
MBl. 2017/18, Stk. 19 (Nr. 46)

Definition of the field of studies

The in-depth education in ecology and evolutionary biology is of highest scientific and societal relevance and offers graduates a broad range of professional opportunities.


Students are recommended to do a professionally oriented internship amounting to 6 ECTS credits within the framework of the elective module 4. The master’s programme lasts four semesters and concludes with a master's thesis and a 2-part master’s examination. The first part of the master’s examination relates to all compulsory elective modules, practical courses and elective subjects and must be done in the form of examinations about modules or about courses. The second part of the master’s examination (overall examination before a committee) consists of the chosen area and one of the specialisations. To support an interdisciplinary character of the studies students can also choose the specialisation from a different area. To apply for the examination before the committee (second part of the master’s examination) students have to prove that they have passed the first part of the master’s examination and a pass grade on the master’s thesis.

Entrance examinations


Supplementary examinations