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Master programme Education

Content and focus of the degree programme:

In the master programme “education” subject-related academic knowledge is consolidated and skills for autonomous academic work and problem analysis are acquired. Graduates will be able to analyse complex scientific questions. They will possess a broad, detailed and critical understanding of the state of the art in research and will be specialised in one or several areas of education. Moreover they will be familiar with the particularities, limitations, terminologies and doctrines of education. The qualifications gained during the master programme qualify graduates for occupations in educational and social affairs institutions, organisations, associations and companies and in research.

Higher education institution:
University of Vienna
Group of fields of study:
Degree programme:
Master programme
Academic degree:
Master of Arts, MA
4 Semester / 120 ECTS*

Further information:

Languages of instruction:
Student Union fee: EUR 20,20
Tuition fee - see Detailed information
Stay abroad:
Not compulsory
Type of higher education institution:
published in the:
MBl. 2006/07, Stk. 29 (Nr. 147), i.d.F. MBl. 2008/09, Stk. 26 (Nr. 203), MBl. 2010/11, Stk. 26 (Nr. 211) und Stk. 34 (Nr. 282)

Definition of the field of studies

The subject “education” deals with the structures and functions of education. The focus is on theoretical and methodological problems for an analysis of educational processes and the understanding of the reality of education.


In the master programme the compulsory modules Education as a discipline, philosophy of science and research methods in education must be studied. Two of the following four modules must be chosen: core concept “education, media and social transformation”, core concept “teaching and learning”, core concept “inclusive education for pupils with special educational needs” and core concept “education, guidance and development for all ages”. In the further course of the master programme a specialisation module must be studied in one of the chosen modules. In the framework of an accompanying seminar a scientific master thesis must be written. This thesis is to prove the student’s ability of autonomous work on questions regarding contents and methodological questions.

Entrance examinations


Supplementary examinations