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Bachelor programme Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Content and focus of the degree programme:

Year 1 (30 U.S. credits or 60 ECTS credits) •broad-based foundation •all courses mandatory Divided into 9 modules •8 introductory discipline-based modules •1 skills-based module Introduction to Academic Writing Year 2 (30 U.S. credits or 60 ECTS credits) •6 core modules (2 per term) •3 optional courses (1 per term) •increased specialization and course choice Year 3 (30 U.S. credits or 60 ECTS credits) Completion of Austrian BA •4 advanced topics modules •2 optional course modules •2 skills-based modules thesis writing •further increase in specialization and course choice Year 4 (30 U.S. credits) Completion of U.S. BA* •study abroad exchange options for students •advanced coursework •students empowered to pursue a major •conduct significant research •carry out independent capstone project showcasing specialized knowledge and transferable skills * With 180 ECTS credits and 120 U.S. credits you will graduate with an Austrian and an American degree at end of the fourth year.

Higher education institution:
CEU PU - Central European University Private University
Group of fields of study:
Humanities, Social and Economic Sciences
Degree programme:
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Bachelor programme
Academic degree:
Bachelor, BA
6 Semester / 180 ECTS or 8 Semester / 120 U.S. credits

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Languages of instruction:
€ 7.000,-- / Semester und ÖH-Beitrag von € 20,20
Student Union fee: EUR 21,20
Tuition fee - see Detailed information
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Type of higher education institution:
Private University
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Additional information

This BA program both integrates into the European-wide Bologna system and offers the best of the American undergraduate education system. After successful completion of a four-year BA, students will have a European and an American BA degree.

Definition of the field of studies

At the beginning of the program students will receive a solid foundation in all three disciplines and as they progress through the program they are offered an increasing amount of choice in terms of orientation and focus.


Entrance examinations

Supplementary examinations