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Diploma programme Medicine

Content and focus of the degree programme:

The degree programme in medicine at the Medical University of Graz prepares students for a future profession as a doctor for all medical disciplines. Basics of academic thinking as well as the theoretical basics and practical skills are taught in an integrative, topic-centred and patient-oriented way. The contents and focus areas vary in the different stages of the programme. The first stage serves basic understanding of the human organism and includes a first training of medical skills, psychosocial skills with a focus on communication and basics of medical action as well as an introduction to general medicine and other subjects that are essential for medical studies. The second stage teaches knowledge of the healthy and sick organism; this is to be facilitated by a topic-centred, patient-oriented and cross-disciplinary education. The third stage focuses on clinical education.

Higher education institution:
Medizinische Universität Graz
Group of fields of study:
Degree programme:
Diploma programme
Academic degree:
Dr. med. univ., Doktor/in der gesamten Heilkunde
12 (2+8+2) Semester / 360 ECTS*

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Student Union fee: EUR 20,20
Tuition fee - see Detailed information
Stay abroad:
Not compulsory
Type of higher education institution:
published in the:
MBl. 2016/17, Stk. 21 (Nr. 1045)

Definition of the field of studies

The Medicine programme deals with the structure and the functions of the human body. It is the science of the prevention, identification and treatment of diseases and injuries.


The degree programme is divided into three stages. The first stage concludes with a pass grade on all parts of the first degree examination. This automatically takes students to the second stage. The second degree examination is divided into three parts and includes subject-specific examinations of the second stage. This, together with a compulsory clinical traineeship, concludes the second stage of the programme. The degree programme concludes with a pass grade on the overall examination of the third stage of the programme and attendance of another traineeship. The compulsory clinical traineeship lasts 21 weeks.

Entrance examinations

The qualification test for studying medicine is divided into various sub-tests. It tests basic medical understanding, understanding of texts, organisational skills and concentrated working.

Supplementary examinations

Biology & Environmental Studies (Z) - Biology and Environmental Studies (examination has to be passed before admission)