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Bachelor’s programme Biological Chemistry (E)

Content and focus of the degree programme:

The undergraduate degree programme in Biological Chemistry focuses on the following: Chemistry: general, organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry – during class and in lab exercises you will get to know the basics of different types of chemistry. Mathematics and Physics: you will learn about the required mathematical and physical concepts needed for any STEM major, such as differentiation, integration, statistics, Fourier transforms, series expansion, linear algebra, main theorems of thermodynamics, mechanics and quantum mechanics. Bioinformatics: How do you analyse biological data? Learn more about the foundations of phylogenetics and sequence analysis. Biochemistry: you will delve deep into learning about our body's chemical processes to learn more about the building blocks of life. Molecular Biology: From DNA to RNA and protein: How are biological molecules structured? How are they synthesised? How do they interact with each other.

Higher education institution:
Universität Linz
Group of fields of study:
Natural Sciences
Degree programme:
Biological Chemistry (E)
Bachelor’s programme
Academic degree:
Bachelor of Science, BSc und Bachelor (Bc)
6 Semester / 180 ECTS

Further information:

Languages of instruction:
Student Union fee: EUR 22,70
Tuition fee - see Detailed information
Stay abroad:
Type of higher education institution:
Linz und Budweis
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gemeinsam mit der südböhmischen Universität in Budweis als grenzüberschreitendes interuniversitäres Studium

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