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Teacher training:
Master’s programme German – Subject

Content and focus of the degree programme:

This study programme is only available in German.

The teacher training master's programme in German – Subject enables its graduates to have a systematic overview of the subject areas of German studies and their didactics, to reflect on them according to scientific and profession-oriented aspects and to be able to develop them further and apply them professionally, especially with regard to teaching at schools. This includes corresponding theoretical and methodological skills, on which the master's programme places a special emphasis. Graduates will be qualified to analyse, use and teach language as a primary and highly developed human form of communication. They will have comprehensive knowledge of literature in its historical and contemporary manifestations and be familiar with the corresponding systematic categories, methods and theories of its scientific development and didactics of teaching. They will know about the significance and relevance of literature as a form of artistic and cultural expression and also about its manifestations in the media and about media-related modern arts such as film, video and internet art.

Higher education institution:
Universität Salzburg
Verbundregion Mitte
Group of fields of study:
Teacher Training Programmes
Degree programme:
German – Subject
Teacher training:
Master’s programme
Academic degree:
Master of Education, MEd
4 Semester / 120 ECTS

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Student Union fee: EUR 22,70
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